5 reasons I use Sambucus Elderberry Gummies

1. Fights the Flu Elderberries are an excellent general immune system booster. The berries contain chemical compounds called anthocyanidins, which are known to have immunostimulant effects. Is elderberry good for a cold? Research actually shows that elderberry extract is a safe, efficient and cost-effective treatment for both cold and flu symptoms. 2. Lower Blood Sugar Both […]

Nutrition and Training Equal Athletic Performance

As you work to achieve your fitness goals, don’t forget the importance of implementing an effective nutritional strategy.? According to Joe Friel, Triathlon Coach, this can be kept simple by applying these three key approaches to your nutrition strategy. Eliminate processed foods from your diet. Obtain the majority of your energy needs from whole fruits, […]

11-05-18 Monday Run and Core Workout

?I no longer look at every reflection of myself and see a map of disappointments. I see vigor.? An organic rumble of..energy. I stand straighter.? I breathe deeper.? My heart opens.? ~Lisa Funderburg   Today’s workout is a 30 minute run followed with 100 crunches then 10 minutes of stretching. It’s only fair to share…FacebookPinterestTwitteremailTumblrLinkedin

Pack physical activity into your vacation

Pack physical activity into your vacation Check out these ideas from the Mayo Clinic and learn how to fit in fitness and make it fun no matter where you are! Whatever your destination, a vacation provides plenty of opportunities for fitness. The key? Fit physical activity into your plans ? and make it fun! Plan […]

5 tips for a better night’s sleep

5 tips for a better night’s sleep Sleep is a critical part of managing stress and making healthy choices. Get a restful night’s sleep with these tips from the Mayo Clinic. Sleep is a remarkably productive and critical part of life; it’s the time when the brain and body recharge for another day. Yet, most […]

5:Bryan Falchuk: How to Live a Better Life Everyday

Bryan Falchuk overcame adversity, lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, dramatically changed his diet and created an approach to help others live a better life, every day. That way is Do a Day. Like so many people, Bryan has faced challenges in life, like obesity, depression, work stress, the responsibilities of parenthood, the potential […]

2: Dr. Kris Sheedy: Stop feeling burned out

On GetFit WorkForce episode 2, we talk with Dr. Kris Sheedy.? Listen as she shares her story of successfully climbing a career ladder only to find herself at the top feeling burned out, unhappy, and unhealthy.? I had a great time talking to her about the major changes she’s made in her life.? I think […]

Spartan Saturday Trail Runs

Spartan Saturday Trail Runs at Elachee Nature Center There aren?t many paved roads on Spartan courses. To prepare, it’s best to go trail running once a week if you can. The more irregular the terrain you run on the more you will develop your stabilizing muscles and agility. Go slow, be careful, but challenge yourself. […]