Spartan Saturday Trail Runs

Spartan Saturday Trail Runs

at Elachee Nature Center

There aren?t many paved roads on Spartan courses. To prepare, it’s best to go trail running once a week if you can.

The more irregular the terrain you run on the more you will develop your stabilizing muscles and agility. Go slow, be careful, but challenge yourself.


The trail runs/walks are designed to get your body conditioned for the Spartan Race environment.

We will meet in the lower gravel parking at the Elachee Nature and Science Center located at 2125 Elachee Dr., Gainesville GA 30504.

Please Contact Brett Radosta with any questions.


Phone/ Text : 678-558-2424

The Trail runs will be on Saturday:

September 2nd @ 8am

September 23rd @? 8am

September 30th @? 8am

October 7th @ 7:15am