Stay motivated this summer!

boot camp 3

July is here and it is time to start a new month of GetFit Boot Camp.

Follow this strategies to stay motivated this summer and you know you can count on us for daily encouragement and awesome workouts each week!

1. Prep Work: Getting fit doesn’t mean sacrificing taste! If you put a little work into finding recipes and blogs that inspire you to eat well you properly equip yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating deliciously without any guilt.

2. Try Something New: Accomplishment = empowerment. Conquering a new skill gives you the ability to resist unnecessary temptation and inspires you to take on new challenges. Not sure where to start? Try our SUP fitness class on Saturday mornings at Aqualand Marina or schedule a coaching session with us to refine your swim strokes with our SwimFit program. Water sports are a great way to burn calories and stay cool this summer.

3. Make It Social: Get your friends involved! Try skipping your Thursday evening cocktail hour for a boot camp class, this is a great way to bond and accomplish your goals. An added bonus is you receive boot camp bucks for every friend that enrolls in GetFit Boot Camp.

4. Dress for success: Dressing the part doesn’t just give you a more effective workout it also encourages you! Having a great gym wardrobe with performance wear can get you excited about coming to class and confident to push yourself to the limits while getting your sweat on.

5. Mark Your Calendar: Scheduling your boot camp workouts is not only a great way to keep you organized, but dedicated. Not sure where to start? Turn to technology! There are a lot of amazing fitness apps on the market that motivate you and help you stay organized.

6. Words of Wisdom: While we can be quick to tear ourselves down, we often forget to boost ourselves up. Read our blog & nightly emails. Write down some favorites for words of encouragement in your weaker moments.

7. Something Is More Than Nothing: Somewhere along the way fitness became an all or nothing kind of thing, when in reality, anything you do on any given day is more than the alternative. Show up even on days you don’t feel like it. We don’t expect 100% every day…what we do expect is that you give the best you have each workout. Some days you may feel more tired than normal…listen to your body during your workout and don’t push too hard on those days just show up and move. Some days you will feel like super motivated so on those days give it your all and push beyond your limits.

8. Stay Goal Oriented: Challenge yourself. In addition to scheduling your boot camp classes, mark your calendar with days to reach certain fitness goals. Working towards something is a great way to stay on track and will get you motivated to accomplish your fitness routine.