Top 10 Swim Accessories For Your New Swimmer

After teaching red cross swim lessons for over 20 years I’ve decided to put together a list of items that will help you get your new swimmer ready for swim lessons. I think that Speedo and TYR make the best quality swim gear. Make sure you label your new swim equipment with a sharpie because little swimmers tend to misplace things!

1. Swim Goggles

A quality pair of swim goggles are important because it keeps the water out of the eyes, which can be uncomfortable to new swimmers. The goggles also allow the swimmers to see under water and this let’s them look around and explore this new environment.

2. Swim Cap

A swim cap is good because it keeps longer hair out of the swimmers eyes and mouth while they are learning how to swim. A swim cap also helps hold in body temperature during the swim lesson.

3. Swim Fins

Swim fins are great! They help the swimmer develop a strong flutter kick and dolphin kick. This helps new swimmers create strong forward momentum and allows them to begin to develop a strong breathing pattern.

4. Dive Rings

Dive rings are fun for new swimmers. They are a great toy that help new swimmers with underwater exploration and developing breath control.

5. Life Jacket

Life jackets save lives and are a must for every swim family. Make sure the life jacket you purchase is Coast Guard approved. Open the life jacket and look for a Coast Guard approval rating imprinted on the jacket. As your new swimmer builds confidence they may lack in swim skills. Make sure they wear a life jacket while they build thier swim skills. I am an excellent swimmer and I ALWAYS wear a life jacket in lakes, oceans and rivers.

6. Kick Board

Kick boards are a great piece of swim equipment. They help the new swimmer in developing a strong kick, strong breathing patterns and can be used in developing alternating arm strokes.

7. Swim Ear-Clears Water From Ear

When learning to swim water will enter the ear canal. Swim-ear helps clear the water from the ear.

8. Swim Diaper

If your child isn?t potty trained you need swim diapers. Regular diapers won?t work. Swim diapers are designed to withstand water and contain solids. If a child has an accident in the pool then the pool will have to be closed for 24 hours!

9. Learn To Swim-Swim Vest

These products provide the tools to build confidence for a child already familiar with the water and learning to swim

10. Swim Bag

A Swim bag is a great place to keep your new swimmers equipment and will help you get out the door quicker when everything is in one place!

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