5:Bryan Falchuk: How to Live a Better Life Everyday

Bryan Falchuk overcame adversity, lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, dramatically changed his diet and created an approach to help others live a better life, every day. That way is Do a Day. Like so many people, Bryan has faced challenges in life, like obesity, depression, work stress, the responsibilities of parenthood, the potential […]

4: Michelle Wall: Learn how this supermom prioritizes her health and family

On this episode we speak with Michelle Wall and learn how she manages her busy, supermom life with four children with the youngest having autism. Michelle shares with us her life philosophy about how you can be a victim or you can be a hero, it’s your choice. ? Listen in and hear how she […]

2: Dr. Kris Sheedy: Stop feeling burned out

On GetFit WorkForce episode 2, we talk with Dr. Kris Sheedy.? Listen as she shares her story of successfully climbing a career ladder only to find herself at the top feeling burned out, unhappy, and unhealthy.? I had a great time talking to her about the major changes she’s made in her life.? I think […]