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corporate-wellness-programs running startWho We Are
At GetFit WorkForce, we design successful workplace wellness programs to meet the immediate and long-term health needs of companies and their employees. Our experienced team of fitness and nutrition professionals is proven when it comes to workplace wellness solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Good health is important to your bottom line! By improving the health of your staff, your team can work together more efficiently and the greater your competitive advantage in the marketplace will be.

GetFit WorkForce is a simple, evidence-based program that your staff can easily incorporate into their lives. Improve the health of your staff both individually and collectively through awareness, knowledge, strategy and action.

GetFit WorkForce understands that no two companies are alike, and therefore we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether your team consists of two people or hundreds, the GetFit WorkForce model can be easily integrated into your company to maximize your corporate efficiency.

At GetFit WorkForce we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether your team consists of two people or hundreds, whether you’re new to the workplace wellness landscape or looking to jump start your current program, the GetFit WorkForce model can be seamlessly integrated into your company to maximize your corporate efficiency.

What makes GetFit solutions so unique and successful?

Our programs are fully portable and require no capital investment in equipment. We bring our highly trained team of professionals to you to save your company time and money.

GetFit WorkForce is highly flexible ? we have worked with companies who have spent millions of dollars on health facilities to companies that are just considering starting an employee wellness program.
Depending on our clients needs, we work with companies on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. We will design a wellness program to meet the immediate and long-term health needs of your company.

Our evidence-based solutions are dynamic and practical with a multidisciplinary approach to health that incorporates nutrition, fitness & lifestyle modification.

The following is a sample of services we provide to companies:
Biannual employee testing body fat analysis, blood pressure and body mass index
Individualized food plans
Group exercise classes
Weight loss and smoking cessation programs
Training in health and prevention classes offered online or in person
Weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annual educational/awareness health classes


Let GetFit WorkForce review your company and recommend a customized corporate health solution that will significantly improve your organization?s efficiency, improve employee performance, increase company profitability and improve your corporate image.
It’s your company, your health, your future! See how our team can help yours achieve better health and a better bottom line.


Why Workplace Wellness
It’s a fact  Employers save with employee wellness programs.
Annual health care spending has increased at unsustainable rates. Health care spending rose from $75 billion in 1970 to $2 trillion in 2005; by 2015, annual spending is estimated to reach $4 trillion.
Cost benefit analyses show that for the leading wellness programs in North America, every $1 spent on wellness programs saves the corporation over $6 in expenses associated with immediate and future costs due to illness, absenteeism, job retraining, hiring, etc.*

GetFit WorkForce benefits
Decreased visits to doctors
Decreased work-related injuries
Decreased surgeries
Decreased illness in the work place
Decreased stress
Decreased insurance costs

By investing in your staffs health, you will:
Increase employee energy
Increase employee productivity
Increase employee job satisfaction
Improve employee moral
Improve employee performance
Improve employee health
Increase company profitability by reducing cost
Improve corporate image and enhance marketability

Ready to get fit?
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