Heart Healthy Recipes: Blackened Fish with Strawberry Kiwi Salsa

Heart Healthy Blackened Fish with Strawberry Kiwi Salsa Ingredients ? 4-4 oz. fillet fish (4 ounces each; flaky white fish like tilapia, flounder or sole, or red fish work well ) ? 2 Tbsp. chili powder ? 2 tsp. garlic powder ? 2 tsp. cumin ? 2 tsp. paprika ? 1/2 tsp. salt Strawberry Kiwi […]

April GetFit BootCamp Starts Friday

  At TEAM RADOSTA GETFIT BOOTCAMP, we believe in inspiring others to achieve their goals. Whether your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle by making small changes to your everyday life or improving your current fitness level GetFit BootCamp can help you every step of the way! GetFit BootCamp offers nutritional guidance in addition […]

For the Love of Fitness

Join us this February at GetFit Boot Camp for heart pumping workouts! Now is the time to focus on your love of fitness and health, reflect on the goals you set last month and recommit to achieving them. Let us help you stay motivated and focused this month with our daily emails, heart healthy recipes […]