Creating Healthy Employees and Companies



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Creating Healthy Employees and Companies

At Getfit Workforce, we are passionate about helping organizations protect and care for their most valuable asset, their people.? Our simple, hands-on programs can help you reduce health care costs and absenteeism and increase productivity, employee retention and morale.? We offer tailored, science-based workplace wellness solutions including onsite exercise programs, stress reduction techniques, and heart health education.? We also work with companies to plan and implement active adventures amid the beautiful lakes and mountains of North Georgia.

GetFit Workforce Onsite Programs

  • Evaluation and planning ? For small or medium-sized businesses who want to establish or improve their workplace wellness programs, the experts at GetFit Workforce can work with you to evaluate the specific health challenges and needs of your workforce and develop a comprehensive wellness strategy.
  • Group fitness ? Our group fitness programs are fully portable and require no capital investment in equipment. We bring our highly trained team of professionals to you to save your company time and money. Our fitness instructors are experts in working with people at all fitness levels.
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyle education and counseling ? Most adults are unaware of nutrition guidelines and recommendations. A bad diet can cause or contribute to a host of health problems and can impact cognitive functioning, resulting in slower problem solving ability and less alertness. Let our experts work with you to develop nutrition and healthy lifestyle education and counseling programs to meet the needs of your workforce.
  • Workplace stress reduction techniques ? Stress is a hazard in every workplace, costing American industry more than $300 billion annually. Research indicates that 75-90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.? Our experts will work with you to educate your workforce on techniques which relax the mind and body and help relieve stress.
  • GetFit Workforce Active Adventures – Let us work with you to get your team out of the office and into the outdoors!? Our active adventures provide fun, physical activity in unique locations.? Our active adventure offerings currently include but are not limited to: Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) ? Kayaking ? Hiking – Yoga – Outdoor BootCamp.? Please contact us to learn how our services can help your company!

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